Episode 7: 精卫填海 To Fill The Ocean

Once upon a time, ages ago...Yan Di (one of the forefathers of Chinese civilization) had an adorable daughter. Her name is Nu Wa. One day, Nu Wa was playing by the ocean, when an atrocious storm swept over and the fierce waves drew her in. 

Tragically, Nu Wa was unable to escape the storm in time and she drowned. 

That escalated quickly didn't it?!

Well, the story goes on...

The storm that sucked in Nu Wa eventually died down and when the ocean was calm again, a little bird known as the Jing Wei arose. The bird made a calling noise that sounded like: jing wei...jing wei! So people named the bird after its calls "Jing Wei."

This little Jing Wei (which was really Nu Wa's reincarnation) harbored a resentment for the ocean that drowned her. Her hatred of the ocean was so deep, that she wanted to get rid of it. Now, filling the ocean this may seem like an impossible feat, but the Jing Wei was determined.

So, everyday, little by little she would fly to shore an gather branches and stones. Then, she would fly back to the ocean and fill it up with whatever she could find. She would fly back and forth, back and forth, trying her best to fill up the vast ocean. And she never stopped.

Moral of the Idiom: Filling the entire ocean is an improbably task but not impossible. This idiom refers to the determination and perseverance that one possesses when faced with the impossible.




它就是女娃变成的精卫鸟。这种鸟形状像乌鸦,头上有花纹,叫声很像 “精卫!“