Comic-Conventional: 5 Tips for First Timers

Quote of the Day: Whenever you are sincerely pleased you are nourished.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

This entry is dedicated to all of my favorite Comic Cons and how to make the most out of your visit. I'm still processing photos from this weekend's Stan Lee Comikaze Expo, so I decided to do a pre-Comikaze post to recap some valuable lessons from my previous conventions. 

Tip #1: Be As Early As Possible

Going to a Comic Convention is NOTHING like going to a party. You DO NOT want to be fashionably late. On the contrary- you need to be fashionably early. There's a reason why tons of San Diego Comic Con goers bring camping supplies outside of Hall H, because only the early bird gets the worm. Also important- parking prices increase as the day progresses. For instance, at Long Beach Comic Con, I arrived an hour before check-in and parking was $5. If I had arrived just 30mins later, the price would have increased to $10, and eventually $20. Going early also allows you to breeze through the lines faster, whether you are buying merchandise or trying to snap a photo with your favorite cosplayer.

Tip #2: Stay hydrated and re-hydrate.

This picture says it all, bring water or DIE!

This picture says it all, bring water or DIE!

Tip #3: Wear Comfortable Shoes

This is primarily a female-cosplayer problem (because we opt to wear iconic heels), but some male cosplayers will need to wear platform boots to match their characters. And we all know that standing on our feet for hours will eventually wear us out, so...comfy footwear goes a long way. I recommend loading up on tons of gel inserts. I personally use Dr. Scholls because they have the thickest gel insoles, but any inserts from Walgreens/Rite Aid will be better than  wearing none at all. I've gotten too many bloody blisters from my boots and it's not worth it. Gel insoles will allow us to wear any shoe we want AND be comfortable walking around the convention. Do it even if you don't decide to dress up! Gel inserts complement sneakers too!

Tip #4: Bring Cash 

It's 2015, virtual reality technology is already released- yet vendors are still behind in terms of making digital transactions! It's understandable though, a lot of these vendors are not down to pay that credit card transaction fee. Sometimes the merchandise are just TOO CUTE to pass, so bringing a couple of Andrew Jacksons (aka $20 bills) will do you some good. Lots of vendors do use the Square app, but I still recommend folks to bring some paper money.

Tip #5: Cosplay with Friends

Dress up and and get down to clown! I've walked through conventions solo MANY...MANY TIMES. It was so tragic, massive conventions can feel so overwhelming to walk around alone. Grab a friend, go cosplay in a group. Comic conventions are more fun with a buddy than perusing the exhibits alone. Plus, who's going to take photographs for you?



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