San Juan | Puerto Rico

Although the monkey might dress in silk, monkey it is still
~ Puerto Rican Proverb

Puerto Rico was never the name of the island. Nope! It was originally San Juan.

Puerto Rico means "Rich Port" and was the name of a port. SAN JUAN was the name of the island. But traders and maritime visitors kept getting the names confused. And now you know. Isn't it fun to get educated about these things?

Gotta love Snapchat's geofilters reminding me where I was. That wind was about to blow me AWAY!

My alpaca Kroshka and I also visited the El Yunque rainforest- the only tropical rainforest part of the U.S territory. Also, the only REAL waterfall I've seen since I went Maui pimpin.

Such a well-traveled camelid!

Be well,