Mind if I....COMB over?

Quote of The Day: Life is too short to have boring hair.

At the end of April, my dear friend Kaila Yu invited me to Charmed PR's beauty extravaganza at the Mondrian in West Hollywood. 

I stumbled in like a hot mess, my makeup was MELTING off my face.

Fortunately, BLO BLOW DRY BAR was there to save me and get my hair ready for work!

CHARMED PR was also kind enough to introduce me to the Luma Brush which COMPLETELY blew my mind. As a TV presenter, I usually default to straightening my hair because it's just easier that way.

But the Luma Brush basically straightens my hair WHILE simultaneously brushing it. TWO IN ONE!! I've always prayed that someone would invent such a device, and it now exists! I'm so happy that my time in the bathroom is now cut in half thanks to the amazing folks at Luma.


More from this event coming up in a later blog. Tons of awesome products for fitness lovers like yourself. Stay tuned y'all!