Bahamas Beach Bunny

Quote of The Day: We travel, some of us forever, to seek other lives, other souls.
~ Anais Nin

'Tis the season for snorkeling and shallow sea diving! I say shallow because I'm not certified to go deep sea diving. That sounds absolutely terrifying. I'll just stay in the kids section of the beaches where I can come up for air as I please.

My family and I recently came back from the Caribbean- a chain of islands SO darn beautiful you'll never want to leave. Our first stop was the Bahamas. I'm always wary of places that are too touristy, but the Bahamas really does live up to its reputation. Even my alpaca agrees!

I remember back in elementary school, I had a friend who told me the Bahamas had the prettiest clear and pristine that you could see the bottom of it. I was living in New York back then, and the only beaches I've seen belonged to Atlantic and Ocean City, so I couldn't fathom the water ever being so clear. But I was wrong. You really CAN see the bottom of the ocean, and all the fishies that swim past your ankles.

Be well,