Las Vegas Stretch

Quote of The Day: Meditation is the antidote to all the poison in your life.
~ Anonymous

This post should have been updated when I went to Las Vegas in May for the Billboard Music Awards. Instead, I got so excited editing the yoga tutorial to YouTube I forgot to update my blog! Sowwie~

In the following video, I demonstrate the crossed legged seated twist- which my instructors recommend doing every day to release toxins. 

The focus of this video is the cobra pose or bhujangasana. This pose opens up the shoulder and chest. And as the video shows, the pose will improve the flexibility in your upper and middle back. I used to do the cobra pose a lot back in 2014, when I had inexplicable back pains. 

Eventually the cobra pose will be able to lift you into the wheel pose

Finally, a word of caution, don't force yourself into this pose if you have wrist issues or back pain. Simply stay in a baby cobra so that you're lying on your stomach with the least amount of tension possible.

Hope this shed some light in your practice!

Be well,