NYC Flow

Quote of The Day: I choose love, joy and freedom, open my heart and allow wonderful things to flow into my life. 

Starting this month, I'm introducing something new to my life: positive affirmations. I hope that you...dear readers, whomever you are, will repeat these affirmations to yourself several times a day. 

This entry is quite overdue. A few months ago, my wonderful and most considerate boyfriend took me to visit his parents in New York. We were quite productive on this 4 day vacation. We spent an entire day in Manhattan and even managed to squeeze in some time for an unabashed photoshoot on the streets.

This is a rare sighting...the KGB himself. He almost NEVER lets me take photos of him. It's ironic, how can someone so beautiful spend so much time behind the camera and not in front of it? Meanwhile, I can't even hold a candle to him. 

Given that the KGB and I are both fans of the show LOUIE by Louis CK, we decided to visit the famous deli "Russ & Daughters" which was featured on the show. The bagels were ok, I just like the whimsical name: Russ and Daughters.

Another rare sighting of the KGB. 

Our last stop of the evening was my boyfriend's high school, where he spent his days of youth as a handsome delinquent. But in reality, this was just a cover so Americans won't find out he's actually a KGB sleeper agent. 

After an entire day of consuming delicious lattes and a box of thin yet savory pizzas, we concluded our trip with a bag of a dozen bagels. I've always been told that New York bagels are superior, but as a kid growing up in the Bronx, my unrefined palate couldn't care less. Funny how I used to take bagels for granted and I've now resorted to smuggling bagels back to LA. 

And finally, here's a video of my boyfriend's family cat...who comes into our room every morning to use this particular bathtub...just to drink water! She's so adorable. Fierce, but adorable. She greeted me with one gigantic scratch on my left hand. It was my bad for treating her like a dog and man-handling her. 

Be well,